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Thought Garden is an Open Think Tank, where we look to have new forms of conversation. Rather than simply facilitating existing or historical forms, we look to learn from the problems of habit, the faults and advantages of our competitive history, dig into anthropology to find gems, and embrace technology and philosophy to find others on a similar path.

There is a lot of information in the federation to digest, and even more out there on the wild seas of the internet. It would appear well worth while refactoring some of the conversations from c2.com for instance, as there are some very good conversations there.

But the scope is too big for any individual to tackle. As a consequence we need in the federation to get more social (we need many hands), and we need to get a little focussed and practical (we need to build some simple things together).

# To Do:

While federated wiki is clearly designed for this purpose, we also need to build:

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